Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

A very special girl... my daughter, Christine Marie

June 9th, 2010 my daughter graduated high school. I couldn't be more proud of this girl. She has come a long way and made us all very proud graduating a whole year early. Chrissy is a beautiful young lady who plans on going to Cal Poly and would like to become either an Engineer or a PCA. She is a very smart girl and I know that she will do well. The graduation was a tearful event... the graduates were told to hand a rose to someone in the audience who inspired them.. and Chrissy walked up to me teary eyed and handed me the rose. I love this girl more than all the words in all the books in the world.. that's a lot ya know!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Herrera's

What a beautiful family!!!! I recently met Valerie through t-ball, she is my oldest son Carson's coach. She is an amazing woman who is married to one of the nicest guys that I have EVER met. You will see in the pictures that they both love eachother and their children more than anything in the world!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

♥ Maddie ♥

I will probably say this about every little girl that I take pictures of... little girls are ADORABLE!! Maddie is such a cutie. I asked her "Maddie, can I take pictures of you?" and she said "yes" and I said "you are soooo cute" and she said "I know"! :o) How could you not love little girls!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Extra pictures that I'm proud of!

Picture #1 is a prop that I bought for a very special photo session.. just tryin things out!

Picture #2 is my son Carson... he is Mr. Pouty

Picture #3 is my youngest, Tanner, he LOVES his picture taken

Picture #4 is Elliot Herrera. He was the cutest little thing when he got his lollipop

Picture #5 is once again... Tanner

Picture #6 is the pier at Gaviota State beach

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Introducing the Kryger's... who came all the way from Reno, NV!

I was advertising on Facebook that I needed volunteers to 'practice' with so that I could try and get my dream of becoming a photographer rolling. :) Stephanie who lives in Nevada told me that she was going to be coming to town and she would love for me to take some pictures of her. What she wanted was some pictures to send to her husband while he is deployed this summer.... so this session is a complete surprise and I'm sure he will love it! I had a blast with this family, they were a happy family who 'just went with my ideas'. Thank you Stephanie, Iviee, Teague, and grandparents!

Nattie.. a 3yr old princess!

So I was looking for people who would let me take some pictures of them to start a portfolio and Cory said that Nattie, a 3yr old little princess, would love her picture taken! Cory and I go WAY BACK :) she is an amazing woman that everyone loves! Cory is one of the few people who I can say has always been friendly and cared about everybody. Nattie is a beautiful 3 yr old little girl with an amazing personality! I could have easily taken hundreds of pictures of her. Thank you so much Jeff and Cory for letting me capture some priceless moments of your beautiful little girl!